Wishes, Dreams & Centuries

Produced by Andrew Smith, Zachari Smith and Carolyn Anele

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Andrew Smith at Lake Studios, Kelowna, B.C.  www.lakestudios.ca

Manufactured by Precision Disc

Album Artwork and Design by Carolyn Anele & Zachari Smith

Photos by Ken Dickson

Released 2018

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Wishes, Dreams & Centuries Album

1. Stars

2. Banjo Soul

3. Wild Horse Canyon

4. Motorcycle Recycler

5. Alice

6. Wishes, Dreams & Centuries

7. The Goose Song

8. Watch Me Fly (Piano version)

9. Like Fine Wine and Whiskey This Ol' Girl Gets Better With Age

10. Bring That Mountain Down

11. Matter of Time

12. Me & Marty

Andrew Smith – Guitar, Baritone Guitar, Electric Bass, Mandolin, Synth, BG Vocals

Zachari Smith – Dobro, Drums, Percussion

Deborah Lee – BG Vocals, Goose Honks

Wendell Ferguson – Acoustic Guitar, ’64 Precision’ Bass

Neil Fraser – Acoustic Guitar, Delvechio Resonator Guitar

Brian McMahon – Upright Bass, Bass Saxophone

Eric Disero – Piano

Chris Stevens – Banjo

Garth Bowen – Fiddle

Watch Me Fly (Single)


Watch Me Fly (Guitar version) - Single (2:54)

Carolyn Anele - Vocal
Andrew Smith - Background Vocals
Wendell Ferguson - Acoustic & Bass Guitars

"Watch Me Fly" was written and produced by Carolyn Anele, Copyright 2015
Co-produced, Engineered, Mixed & Mastered by Andrew Smith
Lake Studios.ca
Kelowna, BC, Canada
Photo by Carolyn Anele
Released 2015


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