Watch Me Fly (Single)

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Where Birds Sing (Album)

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Andrew Smith - Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Bass Guitar, Native Flute, BG Vocals, Hammond Organ, Synth
Zachari Smith - Dobro, Bodhran, Drums, Pedal Steel
Deborah Lee - BG Vocals
Neil Fraser - Acoustic & Electric Guitars 
Bill Lockie - Upright Bass
Joel Gorrie - Cello
Eric Disero - Piano
Rod Miller - Accordion
John McMahon - Viola, BG Vocals 
Shamma Sabir - Violin 
Anjuli Otter - Fiddle on Billy Miner’s Breath
Gene Elders - Fiddle on Where Birds Sing
The Earth Sisters – Native Drums, Shakers & Vocals for Rain


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Carolyn Anele - Vocal
Andrew Smith - Background Vocals
Wendell Ferguson - Acoustic & Bass Guitars

"Watch Me Fly" was written and produced by Carolyn Anele, Copyright 2015
Co-produced, Engineered, Mixed & Mastered by Andrew Smith
Kelowna, BC, Canada



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1.  Blue Skies And Starry Nights 2:41
2.  Birch Trees 2:24
3.  I'm Not ready (A Mother's Prayer) Band Version 4:09
4.  A Nickel A Row 2:10
5.  Coal Dust Sandwiches 2:54
6.  Billy Miner's Breath 2:48
7.  Where Birds Sing 3:21
8.  When I Am Old 2:28
9.  Butterfly 2:22
10. Hard Times 3:11
11. I'm A Baby 1:55
12. Scared 2:25
13. Tears 4:10
14. Rain 2:50
15. I'm Not ready (A Mother's Prayer) Piano Version 4:14

All songs written by Carolyn Anele – 2013 Blue Sky Music Canada   
Except for: When I Am Old written by Alice Brown and Carolyn Anele; Coal Dust Sandwiches written by Howard Brown and Carolyn Anele and the Women’s Warrior Song, a shared song to honour women, shared with me by Robin Redhawk and incorporated into my song Rain
Produced by Andrew and Zachari Smith and Carolyn Anele
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Andrew Smith at Lake Studios, Kelowna, BC
Manufactured by Source Graphics and Precision Disc 
Album Design and Layout by Zachari Smith, Lake Studios, Kelowna
Photos by Ken Dickson, Carolyn Anele and Dianne Hustler
Unauthorized reproduction of this music is prohibited by law


Where Birds Sing (Single Release)

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Carolyn Anele - Acoustic Guitar & Vocals
Andrew Smith - Mandolin, Banjo & Background Vocals
Bill Lockie - Stand up Bass
Gene Elders - Fiddle

"Where Birds Sing" was written and produced by Carolyn Anele, copyright 2012
Co-produced, Engineered, Mixed & Mastered by Andrew Smith, Kelowna, B.C., Canada

Carolyn Anele - Four Song EP

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1. The Hill Behind Margaret's House 3:17
2. Breathe 3:08
3. Your Love Is Good 4:00
4. Remember When 3:00

Carolyn Anele - Acoustic Guitar & Vocals
Deborah Lee, Andrew Turner - Background Vocals
Jim Caldwell, Jim LeGuilloux - Bass Guitars
Brian Halvorson - Acoustic Guitar
Scott Thielmann - Acoustic Guitar
Jay Terrence - Drums
Gary Hill - Fiddle
Vytas Sinkevicius - Keyboards

All songs Written and Produced by Carolyn Anele, copyright 2005
Co-produced by Vytas Sinkevicius and Patty Gorges, Tree Fort Music Studios, Kelowna, B.C., Canada


The Harbour - Seven Song EP

All songs Written, Produced and Arranged by Carolyn Anele, copyright 2001
Co-produced, Arranged, Programmed and Mixed by Darryl Taylor
Recorded and Engineered by Darryl Taylor at Radius Media Group, Kelowna, B.C., Canada
Except for The Harbour which was Recorded and Engineered by Vytas Sinkevicius at
Tree Fort Music Studios, Kelowna, B.C., Canada
Additional Programming by Trance Blackman for Blessed Be



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1.  Not A Day Goes By  3:04
2.  Slow Burnin' Sun  3:06
3.  The Harbour  4:16
4.  Blessed Be  3:01
5.  The Vow Of The Midwife  4:41
6.  Where Water Meets The Sky  2:50
7.  Enchanted  1:23

Carolyn Anele - Vocals, Keyboard
Scott Thielmann - Guitars
Joy Toyota - Bass
Vlado Forgac - Drums
Jim Copeman - Percussion
Ken Dungate - Mandolin
Sven Nordlund - Harmonica
Vytas Sinkevicius - Grand Piano
Ashley Henderson, Trance Blackman - B.G. Vocals

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Blue Sky Music Canada

Ken Dickson
Julie Melanson
Michael Hintringer Photography
Don Weixl Photography
Dianne Hustler
Fiona Green Photography
Carolyn Anele

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